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One Responseso far.

  1. Gil Mobley says:

    Hello SPG!

    On a recent walk along the southwest nature trail that I’ve been walking for decades, my dog and I wandered only a hundred feet or so from the paved path to find a wonderful cave entrance! Looking into this a bit I see that it is called Ward Cave #2.

    I see that the proposed Kansas Expressway extension paves over completely the entrance to this little known cave close to Plainview Road. (Wanda Gray Elementary School is only a thousand feet away yet the cave is almost completely unknown locally!!)

    It appears that this cave has not been fully explored.

    So naturally I’ve turned to your society for some answers.

    Does it have historical significance? Is it stable now after the collapse?

    With the water-shed from a 4 lane expressway overlaying the entrance, could a gigantic water load into the ground threaten our prized ice cave a half mile further south?

    I see that MODOT is conducting geological surveys currently for the already purchased property along the proposed corridor. I’d be surprised if this cave called Ward Cave #2 has even been on their radar. Does it have any value to preserve?

    But more importantly and urgently, has the proposed expressway extension’s impact on our Ice cave at River cut, less than a half mile further south and towards the James River?

    Could you folks research this and possibly render an opinion?

    The extension is widely seen as the “road to nowhere.” It’s phased-in and ultimate endpoint(s) end up in two lane farm roads with 15 mph speed limits, vastly incapable of handling the traffic.

    A thorough review of the pro’s and con’s of this road construction should certainly include a comprehensive review of how this project would demolish, threaten or eliminate valued Greene County natural resources and recreational or historical entities by focused study of what’s below!

    I really look forward to learning from you!


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